Dr. David and Mrs. Loyce Gutierrez Pre-Event Photo Session | Crystal Cove | Laguna Beach

Dr. David and Mrs. Loyce Gutierrez is celebrating their 30th Wedding Anniversary in November and they are quite excited about it. Let’s Make A Memory team has been invited to covert their wedding anniversary to capture their special day. A month prior to their celebration, we brought them to Crystal Cove in Laguna Beach to do a pre-event photo session and here are some images that we’d like to share.


Loyce-David-Laguna-Beach-PreEvent 2

Loyce-David-Laguna-Beach-PreEvent 3

Loyce-David-Laguna-Beach-PreEvent 4

Loyce-David-Laguna-Beach-PreEvent 5

Loyce-David-Laguna-Beach-PreEvent 6

Loyce-David-Laguna-Beach-PreEvent 7

Loyce-David-Laguna- each-PreEvent 8  Crystal Cove