Cindy and Mark Same Day Edit Wedding Video

A Chinese wedding typically starts their wedding celebration with a door game that is meant to have the groom and his groomsmen to successfully complete some tasks before the bridesmaids. These tasks can be a simple singing with his groomsmen or doing some activities and according to tradition, he also has to give red envelopes (hong bao) to the bridesmaids so they can allow him to go and see his bride.
Following the doorgames, the bride and groom have to pray to their ancestors with the aide of incense and to complete the tradition, they have to also be a part of the Tea Ceremony which is serving tea to the elders. This is also a chance for the groom to meet the relatives of the bride and vice versa and after serving the tea, it is a common tradition that the couple to receive jewelry or money in a red envelope (hong bao).

Witness this day from the wedding of Cindy and Mark.

Wedding Planner Lifetime Creation
Wedding Reception and Ceremony: East Gourmet Seafood Restaurant
Uplighting: Inlight Lighting
Wedding DJ/MC: Let’s Make A Memory
Wedding Photographer: Let’s Make A Memory