Christie and Adrian MTV-SDE


Photographer: Ran Refael
Photographer: Curt Lam
Photographer: Mark Oliver Chua
Videographer: Jayson Rosacia
Videorapher: Monk Tree
Videographer: Nikki Arriola
Videographer: Jerry Ubalde
DJ: DJ Mizo
MC: Wasabi
Coordination: Bloom Events and Planning

This day will be etched to my heart forever. This was the day that I said my vows to my wife. This was the day when I stated my unending love for her.
I couldn’t even imagine that this day would come when we will be the center of attraction. The couple who always were out and about meeting other couples for their wedding needs.
This perhaps surpasses what we have imagined and it’s all because of the people who helped us to make this momentous event come true.
We would like to thank Jorge and Erin for their unending support with their time and their gift (Cutlery and the Champagne Flute).
To all our family, relatives and friends who took time to be with us including the ones who came from afar, out of state and out of the country.
Especially our teammates who did such a great job in our wedding. DJ Mizo for helping me record the song.
We love you all.

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